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We are a Cha Lua (Vietnamese Pork Sausage) manufacturer as well as a wholesaler headquartered in Hong Kong.
Cha Lua is also named as Gio Lua, Vietnamese Salami, Vietnamese Ham as well as Vietnamese Pork Sausage, which is a traditional Vietnamese food normally seen at new year banquets in Vietnam.

Having been in this business for almost 30 years, we make Vietnamese salamis well. Unlike other Vietnamese salamis found out there, we do not add a single dash of starch or food preservatives, including borax, in our salamis. Along with additional vacuum packaging, that simply translates into the tastier, fresher and healthier Vietnamese salamis.

As Vietnamese Cha Lua being such an important ingredient in Vietnamese cuisines, finding the right and reliable source is definitely fundamental to your business and now you need not look any further.

We welcome local as well as overseas business partners.


Let you experience the most delicious and nutritious Vietnamese salami products found nowhere else.

Kam-Kwok Food Factory can ensure you a wider product range and market coverage along with constantly arising quality in food product and services.




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