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Kam-Kwok Food Factory has been aiming to produce the most promising and appealing food products to you. Perfect food safety and high-quality food ingredients are always our rules of thumb.

Quality Standard

Our company targets to bring you even higher food processing standard in terms of taste of mouth and food hygiene. Let you experience the tastiest and healthiest Vietnamese salami products found nowhere else.

Customer Service

Thorough customer services take a great part of our company's service excellence to each of our precious customers. As a result, we hope to build a tight bonding with each of you as a long-term business partner.

We listen to your complaints and compliments, as we know they are keys to further improvements and greater customer satisfactions . We are grateful to every word that comes from you and will certainly take it into account.


Kam-Kwok Food Factory can ensure you a wider product range and market coverage along with constantly arising quality in food product and services.



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